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Welcome to our True2You Online SPACE


A safe online space to meet, connect, get support and explore what is true to you!!


Here you can meet with our professional team to talk about sex, love, relationships, safety online and mainly about anything that's on your mind - a judgement-free zone to get and give advice within a group.

We are offering three types of online groups:

  • girls and young women 

  • boys and young men 

  • mixed groups


The groups are aged between 14-17 years and 18-24 years. 


Check out our team and agenda below and subscribe to start your conversation with us!

Meet The Team

Rachel Andras

Rachel Andras is a Gender and Educational professional with over 20 years of professional experience worldwide, specifically in the area of reproductive and sexual health and rights. Rachel is the founder and director of the INDERA Foundation which empowers women and men worldwide through true wellbeing, by tackling deep-rooted issues of normalized patterns of violence and abuse. She is a passionate international presenter and facilitator working with people of all ages with a focus on empowerment strategies to introduce body awareness through self-love and self-care, knowing that this is essential to true wellbeing.


Vicky Cooke

Vicky Cooke is a Manager of a Sexual Health and Wellbeing Being Service for young people and also completing her final year in counselling. With over 7 years experience working both on a 1:1 basis with young people as well as developing and facilitating groups and workshops.

Providing a safe space for young people, so they are able to express and explore what they are feeling, including asking questions around relationships, sexual health and wellbeing is important for her. Vicky empowers young people to make informed choices for themselves. 

Eduardo Feldman

Eduardo Feldman is a political scientist and a  Health & Wellbeing Practitioner who has made his way from a full-time academic, totally relying on his mindful intelligence to living from whole body intelligence and supporting people to live from their true essence.


He supports boys and young men to claim their sensitivity and tenderness as a strength and to not live by ideals and believes of manhood, but from the awareness and intelligence of the body.

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Your participation is free and you only have to register so we know how many people will be joining and also to have your contact details in the case you need further support. Your personal information will be treated confidentially and not be shown or given to anybody!